Is Abortion or Adoption Right for Me?

Navigating an unexpected pregnancy can be an incredibly challenging time for many women. 

It’s normal to feel unsure about where to find help or who to turn to for advice. It’s important to gather all the necessary information to make an informed decision. Ultimately, the choice between abortion and adoption is a personal one that only you can make.


There are two methods of abortion to end a viable pregnancy: medical and surgical. 

A medical abortion involves the use of two medications: mifepristone and misoprostol. When you take Mifepristone it blocks your body from producing progesterone, the hormone that allows your uterus to grow an embryo. 

Without progesterone present the embryo detaches from your uterine wall and stops growing. Once this happens misoprostol is then taken to induce contractions in your uterus, expelling the embryo and any remaining pregnancy tissue through the vagina.

A surgical abortion, on the other hand, uses an invasive medical procedure called Dilation and Curettage (D&C). With this procedure, a doctor will dilate your cervix and use specialized instruments or suction (aspiration) to remove the embryo and any associated pregnancy tissue.

Before choosing to have a medical or surgical abortion it’s important to be aware of any known risks. This will help you determine if abortion is the best choice for you and your health.

According to the Mayo Clinic documented risks to medical and surgical abortion include:

  • Heavy and prolonged bleeding
  • Ongoing pregnancy (if the procedure is unsuccessful)
  • Fever
  • Infection
  • Incomplete abortion, which may necessitate a surgical abortion
  • Discomfort in the digestive system
  • Cervical damage
  • Uterine perforation


Modern adoption has changed in many ways over the last several years, and most of these changes were designed to benefit and empower the woman facing an unplanned pregnancy.  

Understanding the ways adoption has changed and what options are available to you can help you make the best decision about your pregnancy.

The primary types of modern adoption are:

  • Open adoption: This option enables you to maintain contact with the adoptive family and collaboratively decide on your level of involvement in the child’s life.
  • Semi-open adoption: In this case, you can still have contact with the child, but a professional adoption agency will facilitate communication between you, the child, and the adoptive family.
  • Closed adoption: This type of adoption means you will have no contact with the child and your identity remains confidential. Adoption records are sealed by the courts.

Adoption is an option for an unplanned pregnancy that can be both a fulfilling and difficult experience. Thanks to the changes in modern adoption there are many programs and organizations that exist to help you, both during pregnancy and the adoption process.

We’re Here to Help

It’s perfectly normal to have questions about abortion procedures and adoption alternatives as you consider your options in dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. Remember, no one can legally force you to select one option over the other; the decision is yours to make.

But you don’t have to make the decision alone. From offering free pregnancy testing and ultrasound scans of your pregnancy to providing information and consultation to empower you to make the best decision about your pregnancy–the trained staff at Alpha Pregnancy Care Center is here to help.

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